GoNoodle is a web based tool that allows teachers to give their students "brain breaks" throughout the day. There are different categories from students to choose from including, Zumba, fitness, yoga, track and field, etc. You create a class and can choose different Champs that you power up by earning points through the minutes your class does doing the exercise activity. There is also a feature that allows teachers to add their own links to videos. I always added songs or videos that pertained to our unit or topic of discussion for the week or month. It is a great way to build community in your classroom as well as allow learning through movement.


In my search for web based tools I found this site as a tool for educators to search for and find web based tools for their classroom and save them on their personal "shelf" so that they can refer to them later. Other educators can write reviews for tools they have already used in their classroom.


Scratch is a web based tool that allows students to program their own stories, games, and animations through coding.
Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.


Lawrence Hall of Science


Website with kid friendly current event articles that you can filter by grade level. Students can write reviews on favorite books and movies as well. This would be a great intro activity to writing comments for students new to blogging.


Bookopolis is a site for students to find that next great book to read. Students can search for books they would like to read and then save them on their "shelf" to refer to later. They can read reviews from other students who have already read the book. Students can also earn points for badges by shelving a book, writing a review, or sharing books with their friends. Kids Rate Books has partnered with Bookopolis to allow teachers to earn free books for their classroom by having students write reviews on the books that are sent to your school and read by the students in your class.


Tinkercad App that allows user to create and print 3-D models

Big Huge Labs- Content creation tool that allows students to create posters, trading cards, magazine covers, etc